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David E. Bryant – Return on Experience and Expertise: Why Staying Humble Allows for Big Time Growth (AoL 168)

Return on Experience and Expertise, or RoEE, is something we all should realize we have. Whether you’re more street smart or climbed your way up the twin towers of formal education and the corporate world, you do have experience which can serve not only you, but those around you.

However, that said, it’s up to us to realize what expertise can truly help others. Unlike our Passion, we don’t get to choose our Purpose and where we fit with others.

However, when we can pair up our Purpose with our Passion, then we have the seeds to greatness. Add it to a unique Process, and we have a winning formula for awesome Profit!

Sound familiar? It should. I shared briefly about the 4 P’s of the Ikigai in this blog post recently.

Today’s guest, David Bryant, is a prime example of someone who’s not only found this sweet spot in his career, but also has been able to take advantage of it. How? By staying humble and learning lessons wherever or from whoever he can.

In this chat, Andy and I get the chance to learn how he’s done this over his career and some of the key things he’s learned along the way.



  • What lead Dave to study sports marketing and business? 9:19
  • How did spending time and learning in the MLM industry compare to the knowledge he picked up from getting his business degree? 14:42
  • What are some of the topics that David learned in his time in LegalShield that he can share with teens and college students? 20:41
  • What does he think are some of the key foundational learnings he’s had where he can now turn around and maximize on experience or expertise? 24:43
  • Which business lessons has his faith taught him? 29:19
  • How did LegendBorne get its start? 31:24
  • What are some challenges that he’s given himself for the upcoming year? 48:41
  • What books are his top 3 favorite that he gifts or tells others about? 52:18
  • If he could ask anyone living or dead a question, who and what would it be? 52:54
  • What are three truths that Dave has learned over time that he wants others to know? 54:02
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 58:05


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Why the Name LegendBorne?

Dave on why LegendBorne is Unique

LegendBorne Sportswear in the Field

Akuma vs LegendBorne – Which Jersey Should You Buy?

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The Teenager Principle: You Just Leveled Up!

When I became a freshman in high school, I believed I knew everything. As an 8th grader, I, like you, felt like I knew everything there was to know about the world. I felt unstoppable. The older I got, the more unstoppable I felt. Until I moved on to the next school.

When I moved to the next school, (high school and later college) I remember thinking as a freshman that seniors just didn’t “get it” and that they were just off and/or mean for no reason. While I felt like nothing could hurt me, I also tended to feel that I was worthless. Talk about ups and downs!! Things kept happening to me and I just couldn’t understand why. Heck as a sophomore in high school, I remember getting on Yahoo! chat and acting like I was certain seniors. Later in college, I would play it off as if I was somebody that everyone should be familiar with and you were lucky to have me as a friend. But the truth was that I was not acting or comfortable with myself. Society was telling me that I had to be popular and do certain things – but when I did them, it always backfired. What’s funny now though, as I graduated and have had time reflect over the years and met younger and/or less experienced people, I’ve started realizing how brash, judgmental, and naive I must have seemed.

You Just Leveled Up!

There’s a saying that says “If you feel like life is harder, you must have just leveled up.” If you’re unfamiliar with this phrase, it’s simply referring to a a role playing video game in which you get new quests as you level up. The more quests you do, the more experience your character has and the more powers he has. In life, like the game, you must go through quests that take a lot more stamina than you’re used to. However, as you might know from playing those types of games, you get more rewards for sticking with and accomplishing them.

So in a nutshell, the Teenager Principle is simply believing that you’re good at things that you’re really not, but being overly humble about things that you’re good at. When I was told about this principle, things started making sense as to why my confidence was all screwed up. I now know why I felt the world didn’t make sense as a freshman in high school and college. It’s because I had just leveled up. I was taking on a new level of quests. Quests that, while they might seem similar, were at a completely different complexity. A complexity that I would not understand unless I had understood the adventure for what it was and kept moving forward.

Thoughts, questions, comments?

So how about you? Are you going through a period where you seem to be out of your comfort zone all the time? Have you ever noticed this phenomenon? When was the last time you leveled up? I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you’d like me to put you in contact with Mark Boersma, who has helped me discover this principle, feel free to email him at [email protected]!