daily routine

The Rule of Five: The Building Blocks of a Leader’s Daily Routine

It’s funny how things change! In this post from October 12th, 2010, I mention going to an LTD Leadership convention. I imagine it was either in Kansas City, MO or Louisville, KY. I’ll tell you, I loved being a part of that group! I was motivation junkie. I was sucking it all in and had […]

benefits of video games

Benefits of Video Games: Are they Simply an Escape from Reality?

I’ve had Cam Adair on the AoL podcast a couple of times since I’ve originally written this post back on September 14th, 2010. If you’re not familiar with Cam, he’s founder of the company Game Quitters. He created Game Quitters to help people get off the addiction of playing video games. Just like any other […]

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business: 11 Tips to Get More Social on the “Professional” Platform

Ever since my interview of Mirna Bacun back in session 18, I’ve been a proponent of folks starting groups on LinkedIn if they thought that their clientele would sooner be found on there than on Facebook. Another reason that you might want to start a group on there is that it has a few more […]

outgoing introvert

How an Outgoing Introvert Can Become a Leader

Since 2011, I’ve been a John Maxwell Team member. And while I haven’t been able to use the skills directly that I have learned from the group, there’s definitely one thing that has serviced me. It’s a great way to network and meet all kinds of interesting people who have chosen to make John’s work […]

good rapport

5 Strategies to Build Good Rapport (Originally posted 10.5.2010)

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be digging through the blog’s archive and doing some cleanup. Some posts I’ll be taking out all together while other ones I’ll be making more SEO friendly. There comes a point where this kind of work needs to be done. Some call it taking inventory, others […]

business partnership

A Quick Guide to Forming a Productive Business Partnership

Last week, I got the great news that AMS was finally a licensing company. The news officially went live on the net via this post on Endurance Sportswire. We’re licensing our Viking Dash series to a company in California known as Spectrum Sports Management. They are known for doing fun and unique runs. Viking seems […]

microphone logo

How to Get a Microphone Logo: My Mic Flag Design Writeup

In observance of the 4th of July, I wanted to keep today’s post relatively short. I know a lot of you are busy and doing fun things today. Hanging out with friends and loved ones. You might call this an ironic post as well, because on a day where it’s the “in” day to be […]

how to get bitcoins

How to Get Bitcoins: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Naturally, I’m an investor. Going through my 20’s and now my in my 30’s, I’ve always tried to find things to pour money into that over time would yield me a larger income. I think I started this way back in my teen years when I played video games that allowed me to buy ingame […]

consumer research

Consumer Research: The Most Important Part of Understanding Your Market

Once you set out on your own entrepreneurial personal mission, it’s important to know how you can actually be of value to those that you’re looking to add value to. The best way that you do this is through market research. However, what that actually means can differ depending on who you ask. In this […]

personal mission

4 Steps to Discovering Your Own Personal Mission

This past week, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Gregory Diehl’s podcast Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory. We talked about a number of things, but one of the key points we discussed was how so many people would be better off if they could simply put a mission in their lives. This is […]