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Marc Mawhinney – Performance Coaching for Coaches – Learning How to Make a Living as an Online Coach (AoL 091)

They say that any good professional coach is going to have their own coach. The reasoning why is that iron sharpens iron and it’s good to have that  accountability of growth. This is especially true if you’re working directly with helping other people grow.

I learned of this when I was first getting into the John Maxwell Team back in 2011. As I look back now, we were lucky enough to have a coaching mentorship program.

There’s other large names that provide this service as well. For example, co-host Clay Green is a Certified High Performance Coach through Brendon Burchard. BUT – the thing with with that is that you have to have gone through High Performance Academy to be part of that.

To be frank, I hadn’t actually met anyone that specifically was helping other current coaches get better at just coaching.

That’s where today’s guest, Marc Mawhinney, is really starting to make a name for himself as being a coach’s coach.

Having started his newest business, Natural Born Coaches, he has amassed a heck of a following on Facebook with over 6000 people adding themselves to his group in a short couple of years.

Besides having a great niche to work in himself, Marc is also the host of a podcast where he brings on other folks who can help coaches get better at their craft too.

In our conversation today with Marc, Al and I discover how he ended up doing this work in the first place, what he really helps other coaches with, and some nuts and bolts about how he’s built his business including his Facebook group.

If you’re wanting to be a successful coach in a particular field, then Marc is a great guy to know.

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  • How’d Marc get started in Real Estate? 8:28
  • How did Marc make the transition from real estate to coaching? 12:50
  • What does Marc help his clients with? 15:51
  • What kind of things does his programs specialize in? 18:51
  • Why does Marc send daily emails to his list and believe it’s ok to do so? 20:46
  • Where does he get the inspiration for the content he shares in his group and his emails on a daily basis? 23:52
  • What’s some keys in starting a good Facebook group? 28:52
  • Did Marc have any influences in how he built his group? 32:27
  • Why did he personally opt to go with a podcast instead of doing videos on YouTube? 34:03
  • What are some of the cornerstones that a successful coach uses to build their business? 39:53
  • Three teachers who have helped Marc get where he’s at. 43:25
  • Hardest thing that he’s ever had to say no to? 44:13
  • What’s something that isn’t as bad as he thought it’d be? 44:51
  • What’s a service which doesn’t exist he’d gladly pay for? 45:28
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 46:03
  • … and MUCH more!

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Lesson from Matthew McConaughey:

Testimonials for Marc’s “Your First 5 Clients” Program:

Marc on Growing a Coaching Business through Online Courses:

Vanessa Talbot’s Q&A session with Marc:

performance coaching performance coaching performance coaching performance coaching

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