How to be more productive

Work Smarter, Not Harder – How to be More Productive In Your Day Without More Discipline with Lisa Crilley Mallis (AoL 090)

We’ve all heard the phrase Work Smarter, Not Harder. But for many of us that’s much more easier to say than actually do.

The prevailing advice that’s out there is that there’s only certain ways to get stuff done. To be successful, you must:

  • Race the sun
  • Crush it
  • Find the schedule that best suits you
  • Exercise first thing in the morning
  • Answer email first thing in the morning
  • Tackle your least desirable tasks first
  • Knock out simple tasks as they come in.
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Automate and systematize

These are just some of the solutions that are out there when you google “entrepreneur productivity hacks“.

It might be me, but some of them seem to conflict with each other. For example, if you’re racing the sun, that means that you’re a morning person and you work until sundown. Well, what if night is your best working time? Can night owls make the transition to morning birds so easily?

I know for me, it takes me a bit of time for my mind to fully boot up in the morning. Usually I spend an hour just seeing what’s new on the web, having breakfast, and working out (yay for home gym equipment you actually use!).

This is completely different than how many people approach their days – and frankly when I approached my days like that back in high school, I was always a zombie until 3rd period.

Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with that, according to this session’s guest, Lisa Crilley Mallis.

People do have their own schedules and processes when it comes to being creative and getting things done.

She also acknowledges that many people’s day to day work life doesn’t allow them to actually be efficient in their own zone. While it might be expected of them, it’s by no means healthy or really productive for that matter.

In our conversation, we talk more about her mission, some of the things that she helps people with in her practice, and how you can keep focused in what’s important in your daily routine.

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  • What was Lisa doing before she started Impactive Strategies? 7:32
  • Was owning her own business something she always saw herself doing and how did she end up starting it? 11:21
  • What kind of material did she study as she was starting the foundation of her business? 16:46
  • What’s the secret to getting more done in a person’s day? 20:15
  • How can someone battle the busy work in their day? 24:11
  • What’s Lisa’s definition of true busy work? 30:04
  • How does she know when to say no about a opportunity? 34:40
  • What’s a simple way to keep people focused on what’s important? 40:23
  • What’s going on the rest of this year for Lisa? 43:24
  • Who are Lisa’s favorite teachers? 45:45
  • Something she wishes was still a thing? 46:25
  • What is the smallest decision that has had the greatest impact on her life? 48:08
  • Something she believed in her 20’s but now knows is completely inaccurate? 49:21
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 51:16
  • … and MUCH more!

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how to be more productive

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