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Jess Catorc on Finding your Path to Success, Personal Branding, and DIY Website Design (AoL 070)

Hey, let’s face it. There are so many big names out there, how can you possibly compete with them?

By acting like them and doing exactly what they do?

Actually… no.

By doing what you do best and being yourself.

Today’s guest, Jess Catorc gives us a rundown of what that means in this week’s show.

Which path are you going to take?

Trying mediocritally to be like someone else or being amazing version of yourself?


  • Where Jess’ knowledge of originally making sites came from. 8:27
  • What prompted her to pursue helping people with their sites? 11:09
  • What Jess got from going to college in a major that she was already proficient in? 13:41
  • When did Jess determine that she wanted to reach out to people on a large scale as an “expert”? 16:24
  • How did Jess build a community around her services and knowledge? 18:22
  • What was the first large publication she was able to get into and how did she get started? 19:59
  • What can people expect to see in Jess’ DIY Website Academy video series? 22:53
  • What are some tips people can use in making their first online course? 25:56
  • What are key factors in creating a cohesive brand? 28:45
  • What are upcoming plans for the New Year? 35:27
  • Who are three of Jess’ favorite influencers? 44:39
  • One gift that Jess likes giving others. 36:20
  • What would she do if she woke up as her 10 year old self with her memories still intact? 37:00
  • Jess’ three truths that she’d share with others. 37:31
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 39:05
  • … and MUCH more!

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