finding purpose

Finding Purpose through Podcasting: How New Meaning was Revealed through a Sportz show with Cole Johnson (AoL 098)

People find their purpose, or as I like to call it – mission, through various ways.

As we’ve heard, some people find that purpose early on in life. Many of those have the help of mentors to find that.

For others, life becomes the mentor and eventually you realize that there has got to be something else.

For Cole Johnson, today’s guest, he realized that he wanted to be a creative later in life. In fact, it wasn’t until his wife started bringing out the creative in him that he decided he needed to have a way to get his voice out there.

And talk about a voice! He knew he could sing – but have a voice for the radio? He didn’t think it was possible.

Today, Cole finds himself at the helm of two podcasts. His original Cole Sportz and his soon to be released Revelations.

In our chat today, we learn how he got here, how Cole Sportz got started, and some tips for beginner podcasters.

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  • What was Cole’s time in the military like? 11:39
  • How did he get into media? 15:08
  • When did Cole know it was time to do his own thing? 21:50
  • How does it work when you have two creatives married to each other? 25:44
  • What are some of the struggles that Cole has gone through getting his show off the ground? 28:54
  • What’s Cole Sportz experience like and has he been able to leverage living in Nashville? 33:20
  • What are some of things that really grinds Cole’s gears with new podcasters? 45:38
  • What’s he looking forward to working on in the not-to distant future? 1:00:47
  • What are three influencers that have launched him to where he’s at today? 1:06:56
  • What’s an issue that people aren’t talking about enough today? 1:09:38
  • What is something he believed as a 30 year old and now doesn’t? 1:16:17
  • What’s it mean to lhave a life of abundance? 1:19:34
  • … and MUCH more!

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THE GAP by Ira Glass (from Daniel Sax):

Drew, Cole, and CJ on The Haver

Cole Johnson on Kwame’s Show:

Check Your Ego at the Door with Scott and Cole:

finding purpose

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