Enneagram Personality Types

Erin Rocchio – Exploring the Use of Enneagram Personality Types in Coaching (AoL 128)

It’s true when they say leadership, influence, and business go hand in hand. If you don’t have influence in your organization, company, or team, how do you expect to get anything done?

Knowing what people want and what motivates them is a big part of being influential – especially when you’re dealing with the higher levels in leadership.

And one of the best tools, I’ve found, is utilizing what I know about personality types. This knowledge allows us to group people in a manner so that we can interact with them at their level.

There’s all kinds of tests out there which will help you find your own personality. Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about the Enneagram. It seems that a lot of my favorite podcast hosts know what number they are on it.

In this session, team and executive coach Erin Rocchio gives us a basic introduction to what the Enneagram is and how she she helps her clients use it.

Listen in as we learn how this powerful tool can positively affect you and your organization or business!


  • How did Erin get started in coaching at the age of 17 years old? 9:54
  • What’s the Enneagram test and how does she use it in her coaching work? 15:26
  • How does knowing about different personalites assist with people transitioning in their professional roles? 22:19
  • How does Erin help someone when she finds out that their stress is coming from structural constraints in their work? 25:44
  • What kinds of things does Erin look at when she’s working on cultivating high performance teams? 33:54
  • How would Erin work with Richard from the HBO show Silicon Valley? 36:30
  • How does she want to finish up the year? 38:19
  • Who are some influencers that have helped Erin get to where she’s at? 41:48
  • If she could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be? 42:53
  • Does Erin have a new belief or habit that has helped her improve her life in the last 5 years? 43:46
  • What advice does she hear adults giving children that she calls bs on? 45:40
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 48:02

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