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Are you a Brick or a Stone? Personal Freedom is A Decision

This week I’m going to be releasing a very special interview of myself and Daniel’s. The guest is Dane Maxwell, formerly known as the guy who has helped numerous people build their own SaaS (Software as a Service) based businesses through a program called “The Foundation”.

If you’re not familiar with Dane, check him out on one of Pat’s “early” podcasts via this link. This interview was a game changer (and still is!) for many online entrepreneurs.

The election process is something that a lot of people take for granted. But in the US, we shouldn’t ever forget how many people have fought for what we have today.

Unfortunately, the powers that are in control in society – especially the media and the federal government – have led many of us to believe we’re only capable of what others say we are.

If you look at both sides of presidential ticket, one side says we need more protection from all the bad things in the world, while the other one says that we need protection from all the challenges that we might face in the world.

Either way you look at it, the Federal Government is trying to tell us we need more of it in our lives.

In return they’ll give us liberty to live a peaceful life and just keep doing what we’re doing.

But is it really so simple?

We’re All Stones Treated as Bricks

I recently heard an analogy about how the world is trying to make us copies of each other. Like we’re being made into bricks to be the infrastructure of this society. We all conform into a certain code of conduct.

And we do. Especially those of us who are products of higher forms of formal education.

It’s what our school system trains us to be. Teach to the test, not the individual.

Sure this is fair treatment, but is it the best treatment?

I don’t think so. Not everyone is the same naturally.

Instead of bricks, we’re more like stones. Some of us are big, some are small. Some have weird angles and yet others are made of different materials.

You can still build with stones… but not as easily as you can with bricks.

It’s easy to understand why working with brick might be more preferable by a craftsman (or in the real world, the top 1% of the top 1%). They want the easiest way to build something that has a strong structure.

But value of the end result isn’t going to be as high as if stones were used.

With bricks, you just place each one on top of each other until you have the form you want and put a roof on it. With stones, you have to strategically think about how each stone fits into the building.

Like Glenn, when I see a stone house, I admire the work that went into it.

Can You Be a Stone once You’ve been Trained as a Brick?

When it comes to people, I believe so. We’re never truly bricks. We’re just treated that way.

That’s really what New Inceptions is all about. Helping people who think they’re bricks “refind” their uniqueness. Their own perfect spot in the world.

When it comes to finding your spot, Dane wants us all to know about our individual worth and value. We are valued for who we are and our contributions to helping others.

You might have heard that he’s becoming a musician to get that message out. Further than he could with The Foundation.

His songs are meant to help people feel loved and appreciated for who they are. Here’s a glimpse:

I recommend subscribing to his newsletter to get the rest of his new songs.

But yes, it takes a lot of work to find what makes you unique and realize you’re a stone.

Exercising Your Personal Freedom

Here’s the deal. You, like me, or even Dane, are not defined by your past.

We don’t have to always be the person that everyone sees us as.

Perhaps society and your education would make you believe otherwise, but really your future does not rely on who you’ve been or what you currently think of myself.

Heck, just yesterday Maria let me know of a guy who killed himself over the pressures of what was going on in his life. From what I understand, he turned to alcohol and other means of blocking out the pain. And eventually it got to him. You really have to feel for his family and the grief that he caused them.

But yet, I’m sure he felt stuck.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

As Sandra Bellamy said in session 50 of the podcast, you need to embrace your quirkiness. Or as I would simply put it, you need to exercise your personal freedom.

How do you do that?

Well, besides what Sandra suggests, I’d become familiar familiar with the 5 Obstacles of Personal Freedom. Start with health because you can’t really help people if you don’t have the energy to.

With it being October of 2016, I want to make sure you’re aware of the fifth one.

You need to know what liberties are currently granted to you in your country. Essentially these are the rules that you have to play by.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to fight to keep things as free as they are. The more liberties governments gives their people, it’s usually done through taking away something else that we weren’t aware of.

Remember that the Constitution is all about what powers the government has – not what liberties it gives us. The government should work for us, not the other way around.

And currently it’s looking more and more like we’re bricks working for it.

Wrap Up

As you’re hearing this heavy pounding of political ads this month in the US, I want you to remember the difference between Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty.

Personal Liberty is the “playing field” that the outside world gives us. Personal Freedom is the freedom you give yourself to be the natural you in that space.

Familiarize yourself with which candidates talk about giving you more freedom. Not necessarily those who talk about “being fair”. Brick makers are usually the ones who talk about strong “education” and treating each other as “equals”.

With the internet, you can educate yourself. Educate yourself to be the best version of you and not what formal education teaches you is “important”.

Also, we shouldn’t judge people by what their demographics are. We should judge them based on their character and their actions – if at all. No one person is inherently better than the next.

Not a person who owns 16 profitable businesses or a person who has a spark of a dream.

Now, get out there and meet some other stones!

veronica kirin

Veronica Kirin on Utilizing Personal Connections in Web Design and Coaching (AoL 051)

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. You’re not sure if it has what it takes to do anything out in the wild of the market. Do people really want what you have to offer? Who knows?

For so many of us, this worry keeps us from moving forward with our idea. Many times we’re held back more by the fear of what we might lose than what we might gain – even if we don’t have anything to lose yet.

According to today’s guest, Veronica Kirin, women tend to feel this fear and other emotions even more. She herself has had to struggle with being an outsider looking in – in her home town. She says,  “both men and women burn out, but women have to deal with extra hurdles that men might not have to”. 

Knowing these differences allows her to design websites and coach her clients in a very personal manner. She gets it because she’s been there herself.

In this chat, Laila and I talk with her about how she got over her initial obstacles of starting a business. (Which included having people in her network that didn’t support what she wanted to do because she had other ideas.) We also talk a bit about her new podcast, Degrees of Separation, and we also find out more about her experiences with coaching.

The thing about business ideas is that there’s no such thing as certainty, only confidence. There is no way to tell if a business is going to work with 100% certainty, but we can find confidence. Perhaps hearing Veronica’s story, will help you start finding your confidence.


  • Where her interest in helping others came 13:55
  • Why she majored in Social Anthropology and how she put it to use after graduation. 15:21
  • Why she decided to start a non-profit disaster relief organization. 20:21
  • How her first business, Green Cup Design, got started. 23:30
  • What she learned from Fuse West Michigan 28:53
  • How she knew it was time to enter into coaching 33:01
  • What she likes and dislikes about coaching 38:30
  • Why do entrepreneurs struggle with getting past point A? 43:44
  • Why she wrote a presidential speech when she was 17 49:08
  • Struggles women might have when starting an entrepreneurial career 50:18
  • What her new podcast, Degrees of Separation, is about. 55:21
  • What other projects she’s looking forward to releasing. 56:37
  • Who are 3 of her favorite influencers? 58:53
  • What are 3 of her favorite podcasts? 59:53
  • One gift she likes giving others. 1:00:18
  • Something she’d tell her 21 year old self is bogus. 1:00:45
  • Message or ad that she’d put out into the world where lots of people would see it. 1:01:57
  • When she thinks of success, who comes to mind? 1:02:49
  • … and MUCH more!

Right click here and save-as to download this episode to your computer.



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Virgil Westdale on why he’s happy Veronica is doing Untold Stories:

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