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Tim Paige – There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: Discovering How to Get Into Voice Acting (AoL 116)

Voice acting is something that a lot of people don’t think about, yet we probably hear it everyday. It’s one of those things that if done well, is not noticeable – but when it’s done poorly, you can’t help but notice. As a podcaster, I’ve learned to appreciate good audio as well as vocals. One […]

Tori Reid – Become a Master Content Creator! Why Blogging Should Still be a Part of Your Content Strategy (AoL 115)

Lots of people would say that blogging as we know it is dead. There’s little ROI on it because you have to compete with all the other blogs that are out there. That’s why a lot of people use Medium as their blogging platform. They then link those posts on social media hoping that the […]

Mike Thorp – Less Talk and More Creation! – How Saying No to Gary Vaynerchuk Helped Launch a Hospitality Consulting Business (AoL 114)

There’s a reason that many businesses fail in the first several years of business. Of course, finances might play a part in that. But I think that even having a revenue problem is the sign of a deeper issue. The issue is simply that business ownership doesn’t necessarily make one a great leader. And without […]