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Life in Balance: Finding Fulfillment in Work Life and Leisure

In the last couple of posts, I’ve written in detail about activities that Brendon Burchard suggests that we make regular habits as high performers. Being a high performer in one aspect of life is unfortunately what a lot of people focus on. This aspect is going all out in their work. They essentially become work-o-holics […]

Kristian Aleixo – Escaping the Clutches of Fate: Building Resilience to Life’s Speed Bumps (AoL 137)

To succeed in life we’re all going to have obstacles get in our way. Sometimes it’ll be people telling us we can’t do something. Other times it might be a lack of knowledge about a certain topic. Today’s guest, Kristian Aleixo, is all about taking obstacles head on. However, he looks at them as challenges. […]

Giving Your A-Game – What it Takes to be a High Performer

When it comes to labeling common sense and things that happen in an everyday working environment, the Organizational Leadership (OLS) department at Purdue is my standard. During my studies, I remember thinking “that makes sense” to so many concepts that we learned about. From the importance of the transition period in organizational change, to mentorship, […]

Daniel Blanchard – Teaching the Whole Child: Making the Case for Education Reform (AoL 136)

When it comes to your everyday classroom teacher, a lot of them feel like their hands are tied in a similar fashion. They’re not allowed to teach the way that they believe they should. Because of this, the average time that someone works in the public education system as a classroom teacher is 3 years. […]

How to Find Your Niche and REALLY Act On It!

 One of my favorite quotes from Stephen Covey could be a great subtitle for what I’ve been thinking about lately: “The secret is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” For the first two years of the reboot of the New Inceptions, I was working on content pretty much daily. […]

Angel Ribo – Seeking a Higher Purpose: Scaling into International Markets and Educating Young Entrepreneurs (AoL 135)

 When scaling a business, there’s many options that an owner or CEO can take. A lot of times, especially for brick and mortar companies, one of the first things that they’ll consider is growing their company internationally. However, if they don’t consider the culture they’re moving into, their effort is certainly going to have […]

Creating Effective Quality Content

When it comes to marketing today, there’s a certain idea all digital marketers have to follow. We have to add value before we get the sale. What does that mean? Well, for most, it means that we have to educate our potential clients or customers about what it is that we do or make. In […]