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Edwin Culver – Finding Meaning in Music – How Music Education Goes Beyond the Classroom (AoL 107)

Lots of people want to change the world – but, unfortunately, they think that only government can do that. So how do you help them change that belief? To one where they think anything is possible? I personally believe that anyone can make change – it’s just a matter of finding your own personal Truth […]

How to Overcome Insecurity when You’re Starting Something New

Do you feel insecure? Maybe about your passions? That they’re not shared by anyone else? Maybe you’re insecure about social situations. Perhaps you’re wondering what people are thinking about you? Or, are you simply worried about putting your art into the world? Again, thinking that someone might compare it to some great artist? Or they’ll […]

Mark Boersma – Developing your Sales Skills: Why Business Systems are Huge in Making Predictable Revenue (AoL 106)

You always hear about people “systematizing” their work. However, so many of us, especially us solopreneurs, don’t take the time to do that. Sure, we might write an SOP if we hire a virtual assistant (if we’re smart), but when it comes down to our creative work we never take the time to think about […]

Basics of The Junto- An Online and In Person Mega Mastermind Group

Well, guys, it’s official! The new Facebook group is up and going! I present to you…    I’m really excited to bring you guys’ this joint effort. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but I just didn’t have the pieces in place to be able to get it done. Now I […]

Knowing When to Quit: Sometimes you have to Slow Down to Speed Up

I’ve been struggling with a question that has been making me think recently. Last week during my 9/12 rememberance, one of the things that I realized was that “things change”. This has always been the case, obviously, with just about anything – but it’s especially true with online business and marketing. When I first ran […]

Lisa Mitchell – Becoming Aware of Your Body Posture: Why Reading Body Language and Giving the Right First Impression are Vital to Success (AoL 105)

Whether you’re on a phone, in person, or standing on stage – communication is king. In general, when you think about the word communication, your first thought probably is a vision of someone talking. I know that’s the case for me. However, during the time when we’re talking or simply standing still, our body is actually […]