A Look at Today’s “Lost Generation” – Are We Repeating History?

Last week, I completed the 10 part series of why Millennials should strongly consider being entrepreneurs sometime during their career. I strongly believe those who lead this movement are going to be the leaders of not only their own businesses, but the next generation as a whole. In part 6 of the series, I touched […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 10 of 10: Where To Get Started

In the end, as I mentioned in the last part, the decision is yours to make in whether or not being an entrepreneur is right for you.   A few good questions that I’d recommend asking yourself can be found in this article:   Are you comfortable with uncertainty? Are you willing to put off […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 9 of 10: A Generational Decision

“The choices we make today are going to have impact on at least two generations after us. That means our kids and our grandkids.” – Campbell Haigh at an LTD Rally in 2007   I’m not sure about you, but that kind of frightens me a bit. As of right now, I don’t have kids […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 8 of 10: Leading is An Ideal Goal for Us

In part 1 we discussed some statistics about what Millennials want in the work place. I’ll share them again:   64% of them say it’s a priority for them to make the world a better place. 72% would like to be their own boss. But if they do have to work for a boss, 79% […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 7 of 10: Easiest Method of Self Expression in One’s Career

In the last session of this series, I had a little tough love for our generation. But there was a reason for that. A lot of us ARE lost. Not lost as in a lost cause but lost as in confused. It is said that when people are confused, they lack clarity on what action […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 6 of 10: The 2nd Coming of the Lost Generation

It is said that we are a generation of victims. That we feel that someone has wronged us in the past. And due to that, many of us feel that we are entitled to some sort of compensation.   For many of us, that wrong was when our elders told us that there would be […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs, Part 5 of 10: The Economy is Changing Rapidly

You can make positive deposits in your own economy every day by reading and listening to powerful, positive, life-changing content and by associating with encouraging and hope-building people. – Zig Ziglar   When I was in grad school, one of my entrepreneurship professors hit us with this Did You Know? video. This was back in […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs: Part 4 of 10 – Growing up as Tech Natives

Have you ever been with family or older friends and someone says they need help with their phone? You’re like “Sure. I’ll look at it.” and you help them figure out whatever their problem was without hardly thinking about it? Not to mention the next thing you know you’re now their personal tech support?   […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs Part 3 of 10: Business Opportunities Galore!

Business opportunities are everywhere for us. With the internet opening up the whole world for commerce in the 90’s, many of us have just grown up with it as being there. Personally, I think I just ordered a few items offline before I made the jump. And man, when I did, it was so easy […]

Millennials as Entrepreneurs Part 2 of 10: The Power of the Trend Setter

The world of the Millennial is already upon us. It’s really ours for the taking. Those who have realized this have already started doing so.   Just look at Chelsea Krost. I didn’t even know she existed until a week or so ago. And what does she do? She talks about the characteristics of Millennials […]