career transition

Launching Your Career Transition: How Your Current 9 to 5 Can Become a Launchpad to Fulfilling Your New Personal Mission

For many of us creatives, we come from a background of working a 9 to 5 job. Many of us weren’t lucky enough to grow up in a family who did business for themselves. So we’ve had to make the transition from working the corporate ladder to following our own dreams and goals. Making this […]

veteran owned business

Dr. Robert Garcia – The Warrior Strategist – Making Your Veteran Owned Business Your Next Battlefield (AoL 111)

In the military, people are groomed to be able to take a given situation (many times dangerous) and take charge of it. Often an objective will change at a moment’s notice, but the end goal remains the same. Because of this, they learn to be flexible and resourceful. When they get out of the military, […]

self mastery

12 Principles for Self Mastery: How I Went from a Scarcity Mindset to one of Abundance

For me, it’s important to go over some of these past articles to see how far I’ve come. This one is another classic post from my days in LTD. As I’ve expressed in several posts, it was during this time that I learned what would later become the foundation of all my entrepreneurial knowledge. It was […]

vision and mission

Climb Your Mountain: How to Develop Your Own Vision and Mission

I’ve been having a lot of meaningful conversations with new members of the Junto. And it seems like a lot of us who ARE mission driven are because at some point in our working career we asked “Is this all there is to life? Working in the same cubical each day? The same factory? Same […]

how to stop binge eating

Glenn Livingston – Never Binge Again: How to Stop Binge Eating, Stress Eating, and Overeating (AoL 110)

It wasn’t too long ago that residents of the US grew their own food. Instead of letting the big food companies and government tell us what to eat, we grew most of our food on our local farms. Ever since we’ve let big agriculture take over, however, obesity has been on the incline. Sweet foods […]

relationship building

Making Winning Connections: Relationship Building Tips for Life and Business

As the Junto is starting to grow, I realize that there’s going to be more and more opportunities for people to connect with others who are seemingly going the same direction as they are. To make sure they are, here’s a few notes from a recent John Maxwell course called the Mentor’s Guide to Relationships. I […]

online income

Building an Online Business: An 11 Step Blueprint to An Online Income Generator

The below is a post that I recently posted in the Junto. It helped quite a bit of folks over there, so I thought I’d go ahead and post it on the official blog just to make sure I had it around when I needed it. I think it’s a great representation of the online […]

emotional breakdown

Bren Dubé – Thriving after an Emotional Breakdown: 3 Steps to Get You to Your Breakthrough (AoL 109)

We live in a negative world. Society forces most of us to see things in a certain light and make us believe we have no power to change it. However, as creatives, we have the power to actually do something – because we’re creating! Sometimes though, as creators we get lost along the path. We’re […]

survey research

Why Start with a Guess? – Using Survey Research to 10X Your Business

Recently I posted a survey in the Junto of what members would like to get more from the group. I’m already getting promising results which will help me and the other mods help serve the group better. On September 9th, 2012, I first learned of how important it is to question end users of whatever […]

block schedule

How You Can Master Your Time and Productivity with a Block Schedule Including Themes

I recently posted this in the Junto: When you read this, what comes to your mind? Is it a sense of frustration? Is it a sense of irritation? If so, do you have too many tasks and ideas that you’re trying to get to, but keep running out of daylight? If that describes you, I […]