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Welcome to the home of the Angles of Lattitude Podcast. We put attitude in your latitude by bringing you guests who are living examples of what it means to do meaningful work and live a lifestyle that they love. Whether or not they have a “Dream Job” or they’re living their passions by being a business owner, we chat with those who can inspire you to follow your inner geek and have a career that you love.

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teen entrepreneurs

Easton Allred

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side business

Rachel Pedersen

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music education

Edwin Culver

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how to be an entrepreneur

Laila Rahmatian

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Drew Badger

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teen entrepreneurs
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Ryan Michler: The Order of Man - Teaching Guys How to Be Masculine Men (AoL 082)

In today's world, many would say that a lot of men have lost…
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Andre Kane: Good Times, Radio, and Passion: The Making of the Electric Radio Show (AoL 081)

Passion comes in all kinds of shapes, ideas, and movements. Whether…
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Clay Green: Make it Happen - 3 Habits To Help You Get What You Really Want (AoL 078)

Many of us have heard many times the actual steps to being…
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Claude Errera on Halo.Bungie.Org: Build The Games You Want to Play (AoL 072)

For many creators, money isn't the driving force for them…
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Albert Winks on Building Ascension Mentorship - A New Kind of Networking (AoL 071)

Networking meetings, meetups, Facebook groups. These are…
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John Powell
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Jesse Winton: Making Movies, Millennials, and Learning to Mind the Gap (AoL 066)

People will come up with a million excuses not to do something.…
stephanie calahan
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Laura Petersen: Teaching Future Podcasters and Writers from Around the World (AoL 063)

If you're creating a business from scratch, there's going…
Cam Adair

Cam Adair: Traveling to Tanzania, the Value of Service, and Building Community (AoL 062)

Making content and regularly posting it is a great way to…
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Drew Badger: Touring Alaska and Teaching English by Rejecting the Menu (AoL 059)

It seems that most everyone in the world wants to be a part…
peaks and valleys
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Felipe Frietag: Business Pivoting, Focus, and Online Content Marketing Done Right (AoL 057)

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. Of course…
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Dane Maxwell Unplugged - The Journey From Entrepreneur to Musician (AoL 056)

One huge risk in modern small business is to spend months…
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Tips for Starting a SaaS Business and Exploring Current Events with Matej Leban (AoL 053)

Have you heard of The Foundation? The one educational program…
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Veronica Kirin on Utilizing Personal Connections in Web Design and Coaching (AoL 051)

Of course you're worried about your business idea. You're…
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Sandra Bellamy: How to Embrace Your Quirky to Be Your Own Authentic Self (AoL 050)

Society in general teaches us to not only care what other…
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AoL 047: How to Skill Hack and Stay Engaged In Your Creative Work with Stephen Robinson

On the show today, 2 friends and a host share what it's really like…
Melinda Enfinger
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