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Sara DiVello: Finding the Courage to Step Out of a Rut and Get Noticed Nationally (AoL 052)

If you want to inspire others to take a certain action in their lives or simply get out a message, eventually you’re going to have to start that journey.

Simply wanting to help others isn’t going to get you anywhere.

However, when you do start your journey, you might come to find out that getting your message out there is somewhat harder than you might think.

So you might wonder, “How will I ever get this thing to go big?”

Today’s guest, Sara DiVello, has had the opportunity to not only start her journey, but she has been able to take it nationally in just a few years after launching her book in 2013.

She has appeared in many outlets including, Forbes, ABC, The Boston Globe, USA Today, Boston Magazine, Marie Claire, Redbook, MindBodyGreen, and Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine.

Today, Laila and I get the opportunity to chat with Sara about what it took to get noticed at a national level and also how she found the courage to leave her 6 figure PR position behind.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get out of your rut and go big with your message, then Sara’s insight might just be what you’re looking for.


  • Why and how Sara got the courage to leave her big PR position, where she was making 6 figures, to find more fulfilling work. 9:45
  • Why including “The Meat” and the culture of her office was an important part in relating her book to other women. 19:58
  • Where Sara decided to follow a path in yoga. 19:18
  • Why having a strong differentiating brand is so important from the beginning. 25:25
  • If someone was wanting to get well known nationally, what’s a strategy she would use to start getting recognized? 51:12
  • What would she tell people who want to get recognized on local TV network affiliates? 58:55
  • What’s her thoughts on utlizing HARO to get noticed? 1:01:03
  • What kinds of things does she have lined up for 2016 and Q4? 1:01:57
  • Who are her favorite influencers in her life? 1:06:08
  • What’s something that she believed as a 30 year old but now things is bogus? 1:06:30
  • What she was to put an ad in any medium, what it be and where would she put it? 1:07:50
  • Three truths she’d share with others 1:08:14
  • When she thinks of the word success, who comes to mind and why? 1:09:34
  • … and MUCH more!

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