AoL 042: A Journey in Internet Marketing on MySpace through Facebook LIVE with Alessandra Colaci

Are you embracing technology the way you should? Like really? No one likes change. Heck, I KNOW I don’t. But sometimes we got to do it.

Today’s guest, Alessandra Colaci, is someone that has not only embraced changed, but she’s gone out of her way to show other people how it can be useful for them. It’s like she relishes in it.

In this session, we talk about her background in being a successful entrepreneur in the big days of MySpace (before Facebook became so popular!) and what she’s doing these days after she realized that she had to create another business!

It’s a great episode for all of us to remember that success can come, go, and come again as quickly as technology changes.


  • What major she went for when she knew that she wanted to build an interactive experience online. 7:27
  • Where her interesting in Internet Marketing came from. 7:56
  • What inspired her to build Blingy Blob and where the name came from. 10:45
  • How Alessandra was introduced to entrepreneurship. 14:34
  • What lead to her success with Blingy Blob? 17:16
  • How early social media websites including MySpace lead to people learning technical skills. 20:21
  • How Alessandra has been able to keep an interest in developing her online business skillset. 24:02
  • Why she decided to close the doors on Blingy Blob even though she had great success with it. 26:59
  • Why she transitioned from consulting to starting her new endeavour, Influence Buzz 31:31
  • Her thoughts about not waiting for opportunity but making your own. 35:52
  • Why she thinks that today’s live streaming apps will actually go mainstream versus and Ustream. 38:10
  • How you balance actually being a Creator of quality work vs creating behind the scenes snippets. 41:30
  • Ideas in how people can use LIVE platforms to build audiences. 45:47
  • What she uses to project any feed she wants into Facebook LIVE. 49:30
  • How she finds out cutting news to share with her audience. 50:26
  • What she’s excited about in the future of Influence Buzz 55:11
  • 3 things she wants people to remember her by after hearing her on the show. 57:23
  • 3 truths that she wants other people to know 59:10
  • Her ad into the world… 1:00:19
  • What she would say to her 22 year old self 1:01:29
  • When she thinks of the word success, who comes to mind and why? 1:02:46
  • …and MUCH more!

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Alessandra does an interview with Deborah Deras:

Original Blab recordings of the We Mean Business Show with Allie McAdam


How to Use Wirecast in Facebook LIVE:

How to patch better sound into your LIVE streaming feeds via Mihkel Teemant:

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