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Andre Kane: Good Times, Radio, and Passion: The Making of the Electric Radio Show (AoL 081)

Passion comes in all kinds of shapes, ideas, and movements.

Whether that takes the form of being a coach, a TED presenter, or an artist, there’s so many ways of expressing what you love to do. You simply have to figure out what that is.

Sometimes figuring out what something is can be the hard part. Other times, it can be the easy part.

Take for example, this session’s guest, Andre Kane.

After realizing he wasn’t going to make a career in a rock band, he went back to school and ended up working in a radio station as an intern.

A split decision made him choose that path. And to this day, he enjoys being on the radio with his partner in crime, Jack Hammer.

In this session, I find out more about that split decision to get into radio, learn about some of the more memorable guests and moments they’ve had on the show, and we also talk a little radio geekery.

As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • How did Andre get into radio? 7:45
  • How did he finally get on the air? 13:37
  • What does a producer actually do – radio wise? 16:04
  • Did he ever hear of 1190 WOWO out of Ft. Wayne, IN? 18:54
  • How did the Electric Radio/Morning Show get started? 20:54
  • What’s TSL and how it played a part in them knowing they had a hit. 28:38
  • What are some of the more memorable times and guests they’ve had on the show over the years? 29:57
  • How did Andre get big names on his show? 31:58
  • What’s Andre looking forward to in 2017? 37:41
  • Who are Andre’s 3 top influencers who have helped launch him to where he is today? 44:48
  • Smallest decision that has made the largest impact on his life? 46:19
  • Something he believed as a 30 year old and now finds completely inaccurate and why? 47:52
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 48:58
  • … and MUCH more!

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Walking Dead Interview Promo:

Footage from 2009 doing Prune Juice Trivia:

Good Times Montage – The Show Must Go On:

On a Ghost Hunt in LimonCello’s at The Orange Inn:

andre kane
electric radio show
electric radio show
andre kane

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