millionaire marketing

Debra Jason: A Glimpse into Millionaire Marketing and Breakthrough Copywriting (AoL 064)

  Most of us are doing who are working for ourselves have a passion for it or it’s just a talent that we can monetize. Just like we have our strengths, we also have our weaknesses. For many solopreneurs, marketing can be a weakness. I know I’m always trying to figure out what I can […]

4 levels of learning

The 4 Levels of Learning – The Secret to Hacking New Skills

McDonald’s just mentioned this past week that they’re going to be introducing automation to their restaurants in a big way this next year. I shared it on Facebook and the overwhelming thought process is that the world is moving to a more and more automated society.What does this mean for people who work the jobs […]


Laura Petersen: Teaching Future Podcasters and Writers from Around the World (AoL 063)

If you’re creating a business from scratch, there’s going to be so many things that you need to learn. If you’re going to building it online, you’re probably going to be utilizing some form of content marketing. Be it a podcast, making videos, or writing. If you’re making a podcast, there’s plenty of information out […]

create strong culture

How to Create a Strong Culture in Your Organization

Whether you’re part of a a business, a nonprofit, or somewhere in between, building a culture for an organization is critical to its overall success. In fact, culture is more important than having a vision, a mission statement, and a strategy of how things are going to be done. People want to know how the […]

Cam Adair

Cam Adair: Traveling to Tanzania, the Value of Service, and Building Community (AoL 062)

Making content and regularly posting it is a great way to grow an audience. In fact, it’s like, one of the most common pieces of online business advice around right now to do some sort of content marketing as soon as possible. Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube videos – these are all forms of content marketing. But […]


Generational Marketing: How to Connect with Millennials

Last week we discussed how Millennials should and can become the next Greatest Generation. Our generation is full of leaders. It’s just a matter of realizing whether you are one or… a victim. Whether you’re part of the Hero Generation or the Lost Generation. If you’re part of the Hero Generation and see yourself as […]

JoeWoo Career Path

Joe “JoeWoo” Rychalsky: Helping Others Find Their Right Career Path by Being the Example (AoL 061)

When it comes to getting started making a living on something you love to do, it can be hard to determine where to be begin. For many of us, we will have many interests and we’ll try to involve all of that into what we’re doing. Depending on how exactly you do that, you can have one […]

Millennial Leader

The Millennial Leader: How the US Will Prevail Beyond the 2016 Election

Today is Election Day 2016. If you’re yet to vote today, vote your conscience. “But what if I really vehemently despise one candidate and feel that I have to vote for the other major party to help make sure they don’t get in office?” Well, that’s totally your decision. If you don’t like either major […]


Joey Chandler: Delivering the Best Version of You through Personal Tribute Videos (AoL 060)

In today’s world, people are not used to compliments. In fact, they’re used to the opposite – complaints. When people are asked why they dread going to work, one of the most common responses is, “I feel like I don’t belong.” Part of that can be attributed to only being reprimanded when they do something […]


How to Inexpensively Start a New Podcast: Exporting and Distribution

In this third and final installment of this beginner’s podcast guide, I’m going to be discussing the final parts in starting your podcast: exporting and distribution. Of course, if you’re new to podcasting and are wondering what the other installments are about, you can find them here (Equipment and Software) and here (Planning and Production). […]