Repurposing Content Roundup

Repurposing Content Roundup: How to Use Your Content Sawdust

As online content makers, we all put a ton of work into the content that we create. That work takes time. And unless you’re some 5th dimension alien being that has no problem traveling in the 4th dimension (which is time), then you probably don’t have the minutes in a day to make new piece after new […]

stephan seyfert

AoL 036: Going from Good to Great in Business Coaching with Stephan Seyfert

When people think of the labels consultant, coach, or teacher, they often think of the same type of person. Someone that instructs and helps others. However, each one of these labels are actually different than one another. The consultant uses their skill set to help their client. The coach helps bring the client to a solution […]

Do I need a Plan B for my Business?

Do I Need a Plan B for my Business?

One thing that I notice that people ask their mentors is this simple question: “should I have a plan B in case my business idea doesn’t pan out?”. And really, it depends on who you ask and what the meaning behind your question is. As I was doing the research for this piece, the answers […]

Daniel Postma

AoL 035: A Mission of Exploration – How Daniel Postma Became a Serial Entrepreneur by Age 20

The current education system is broken. It’s hard to deny it. With college professors suggesting that students aren’t ready for college, and employers saying that graduates aren’t ready for the real world, there’s really too much evidence that something has to be done. For me personally, I did what I was supposed to do. Go […]

4 steps to take action in your work2

4 Quick, Simple, and Immediate Steps to Take Action in Your Work

Whether you call it analysis paralysis or overthinking it, why is it that we spend so much time trying to do what we know that we should be doing? Many of us go to workshops, classes, and even big events to get over this issue. Even when I was in college, I started realizing that […]

steph crowder fizzle

AoL 034: Deadlines, Life Changes, & Learning on the Job at with Steph Crowder

Learning how to do online business can be tough. Especially with all the sources that are out there. So that’s why it’s important to trust the sources you learn from and stick with them. You guys know that I have certain people that I learn from. Two of which are SPI and Fizzle. With SPI, […]

Ways to Become More Disciplined

4 Ways to Become More Disciplined

Have you ever struggled to get things done? To finish what you have started before moving on to something else? Maybe, if you’re like me, you’ve found yourself motivated to do something at one point, do it a few times, and possibly even come to a point where it’s a habit. However, you eventually you […]

martial arts academy

AoL 033: Building a Successful Martial Arts Academy with AJ Clingerman

As we have found out, passion filled work comes in many forms. Just last week, we saw how David Picciuto helps others learn about woodworking online. He gets to utilize his past interests in art and design to aid in getting his new found passion of woodworking out into the world. For me, I’ve recently […]

backup a wordpress site

UpdraftPlus: A Simple Tool to Backup A WordPress Site

One of the things that people struggle with all the time when it comes to hosting their own site is backups. How do you backup a WordPress site? Why do you need to? The simple answer is that for one reason or another, data can be lost or corrupted – even on big hosts. In New Inceptions’ […]

David Picciuto Podcast

AoL 032: Making It as a Full-Time Online Woodworker with David Picciuto

There are multiple ways to make money online. Most people know of information entrepreneurs. These are your Thought Leaders, your Teachers, and your Mediapreneurs. Others might think of software makers – called engineers. Or even more, you might think of someone who has a store and sells other’s items – these are Retailers. These are […]