martial arts academy

AoL 033: Building a Successful Martial Arts Academy with AJ Clingerman

As we have found out, passion filled work comes in many forms. Just last week, we saw how David Picciuto helps others learn about woodworking online. He gets to utilize his past interests in art and design to aid in getting his new found passion of woodworking out into the world. For me, I’ve recently […]

backup a wordpress site

UpdraftPlus: A Simple Tool to Backup A WordPress Site

One of the things that people struggle with all the time when it comes to hosting their own site is backups. How do you backup a WordPress site? Why do you need to? The simple answer is that for one reason or another, data can be lost or corrupted – even on big hosts. In New Inceptions’ […]

David Picciuto Podcast

AoL 032: Making It as a Full-Time Online Woodworker with David Picciuto

There are multiple ways to make money online. Most people know of information entrepreneurs. These are your Thought Leaders, your Teachers, and your Mediapreneurs. Others might think of software makers – called engineers. Or even more, you might think of someone who has a store and sells other’s items – these are Retailers. These are […]

intrapreneur brian glassman

AoL 031: Entrepreneurial skill development, Intrapreneurship, and the Importance of True Passion with Dr. Brian Glassman

Most people, I’d believe, really want to live a life that they’re proud of and do work that fuels their fire. The lucky ones have jobs that give them this work. They feel as if they’re really good at whatever is they do AND they love it! However, a lot of people simply don’t have that opportunity. […]

Will It Fly book summary

A Book Summary of “Will It Fly?” by Pat Flynn

Before we get started, I just wanted to say how useful this book has been. I wanted to give it a little bit more justice than what I’ve seen from other reviews. It’s my goal for you, the reader, to get some value from what I got out of the book as well as get […]

mind of an entrepreneur

AoL 030: The Importance of Having the Mind of an Entrepreneur with Joe Albano

The economy changed as we knew it in 2008 after the recession hit. It made jobs much harder to find. No longer was just a resume going to cut it – especially if you wanted a job that paid more than minimum wage. 2008 was also the year that Pat Flynn lost his job and started his long […]

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

Learning How to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

When you’re starting to a business, whether it’s strictly online, or even if it’s a brick and mortar business, you have to know how to set yourself apart from the competition that’s in your niche. Not too long ago, I posted a piece about creativity in where I stated that creativity isn’t about being original, it’s […]

business website

AoL 029: How to Make Your Website Work for You! with Jon Thompson

When doing business in today’s world, one of the basic things that we have to have is a website. It’s the central hub to all of our social media and it’s where we own EVERYTHING that’s on it. It’s not rented space (meaning that if we have content elsewhere, if that company were to ever break ties with […]

Motivate Yourself

Question for You, Reader: How do You Motivate Yourself?

So let’s try something. I know that comments are dead. Heck, even Michael O’Neal just recently said that he doesn’t get hardly any comments on his shows anymore. But I want to do this just to try and get some engagement with you on here. You see, I was just talking to a long time friend of mine and […]

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AoL 028: Re-Scripting Your Life Through a Year of Purpose with Zephan Moses Blaxberg

They say that your life can change by simply meeting one person. That new person can connect you to world that you only dreamed of living in. For some people, it might be landing that awesome job at a Fortune 500 company. For others, it might be finding a coach that will push them to […]