virtual summit tech

Creating Big Events through Small Details: Why Virtual Summits are the New Webinars with Jaime Slutzky (AoL 076)

As a creative, one of the biggest ways to get your name out on the web these days are through is through webinars. You show up, give your presentation on your topic, and then, if everything goes right, you’ll soon see people signing up for your newsletter or, better yet, buying from you. However, in a world […]

digital marketing strategist

4 Important Beliefs a Digital Marketing Strategist Has About Their Craft

For those of us who are actively trying to figure out how to get our work out into the world, we know that the way to do that is through digital marketing. Digital marketing simply means building awareness of what you’re doing through internet. Nothing more. You’re not asking for a sale – you’re just […]

healing therapy

Rinna Mai: Finding Harmony in Healing – How Music Lead to a Journey in Integrative Healing Therapy (AoL 075)

Pains and sores are something that many of us have to put up with. In our day to day work, we find ourselves doing repetitive tasks that lead to these chronic pains. Athletes are notorious for getting these sores. Artists as well. Many times, they, like us, learn to put up with those pains that […]

free cloud services

Working with Others Online: 3 Free Cloud Services You Can Use to be More Efficient

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work planning and collaborating with others. Whether it’s my usual recording of the podcast or simply working on docs together, I’ve been using free cloud services to get it done. One type of those I want to discuss in this post are file sharing services. I’m sure, if […]

alexis parris

Alexis Parris: Doing What’s Important but Not Expected – How to Find the Education You Really Need (AoL 074)

The world crafts us to be a certain way, there’s no doubt about it. To this day, most formal education teaches us to be employees. However, there’s some formal education out there that teaches to our strengths. But many times, those places are really hard to get into because of the highly custom work they […]

Little Snowflake

Know Thy Inner Little Snowflake: Find Out What Makes You The Most Valuable to Others

One thing that the many non-millennials of the world make fun of millennials for is the fact we believe that we’re all pretty “little snowflakes”. Well, truth is, we are. But not in the way that we think we deserve a special life. Because in that respect, we don’t deserve anything. Sorry, but there are […]

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“Long Jon Sparrow” Jon Boersma: Business to Arts, Arts to Business: How to Find Your New Horizon (AoL 073)

For many of us creators, we do things because we have a passion for it. The question often is, how do we monetize something we enjoy doing without taking the fun out of it? Or, if we’re doing it because we see it as a mission – how do we keep from tainting that mission? […]

How to Grow Your Network and Start Setting Up Meetings TODAY

Networking is vital to building your reach as a creator. Whether you’re starting a nonprofit, a business, or just wanting to build awareness of whatever else you might be doing, you’re going to have grow your network. In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can start meeting like minded people today. This […]

Claude Errera on Halo.Bungie.Org: Build The Games You Want to Play (AoL 072)

For many creators, money isn’t the driving force for them in their craft. They do it simply out of the joy that it brings them. It’s been said that being successful is about being great at doing something, not necessarily pursuing to be great in itself. Being great is a very vague goal. In this chat […]

shift in perspective

A Tiny Shift In Perspective Can Get You Anything You Want

We live in a time where we’re kind of made to believe that everyone has an agenda. Everyone is out to get something. That all actions that a person takes is to further that particular agenda. Is that really the case, though? By watching the political pundits or just the evening news, you’d think that […]