how to get bitcoins

How to Get Bitcoins: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Naturally, I’m an investor. Going through my 20’s and now my in my 30’s, I’ve always tried to find things to pour money into that over time would yield me a larger income. I think I started this way back in my teen years when I played video games that allowed me to buy ingame […]

working relationships

There’s Something Brewing Here! – What Strong Working Relationships Can Do For Your Brand with Sean Webster (AoL 093)

Relationships are made and broken on the values of the people in those relationships. For some, a simple misunderstanding can break a weak bond. Whereas if you know people at a deeper level, then you know who they really are and what they’re about. That kind of relationship can pay dividends in the long run. […]

consumer research

Consumer Research: The Most Important Part of Understanding Your Market

Once you set out on your own entrepreneurial personal mission, it’s important to know how you can actually be of value to those that you’re looking to add value to. The best way that you do this is through market research. However, what that actually means can differ depending on who you ask. In this […]

why am I here

David Anderson – Why Am I Here? – Why Discovering Your Personal Mission is Vital to Living a Purpose Driven Life (AoL 092)

Success looks different to different people. You might not know that if your career only involved formal education and getting a job upon graduation. In fact, if you’ve gone that traditional route, you might believe that those who have the most money or the most fame might be considered the most successful. I believe that […]

personal mission

4 Steps to Discovering Your Own Personal Mission

This past week, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Gregory Diehl’s podcast Uncomfortable Conversations with Gregory. We talked about a number of things, but one of the key points we discussed was how so many people would be better off if they could simply put a mission in their lives. This is […]

performance coaching

Marc Mawhinney – Performance Coaching for Coaches – Learning How to Make a Living as an Online Coach (AoL 091)

They say that any good professional coach is going to have their own coach. The reasoning why is that iron sharpens iron and it’s good to have that  accountability of growth. This is especially true if you’re working directly with helping other people grow. I learned of this when I was first getting into the […]

become famous

17 Ways to Add Value to Influencers So You Can Become “Famous” Yourself (Starting Today!)

Imagine if you were more popular in whatever it was you had a passion for. Whether you’re a band member, an artist, or a CEO of a baby company, having more followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a good thing. Especially if those followers are engaged with you. But how exactly do you […]

How to be more productive

Work Smarter, Not Harder – How to be More Productive In Your Day Without More Discipline with Lisa Crilley Mallis (AoL 090)

We’ve all heard the phrase Work Smarter, Not Harder. But for many of us that’s much more easier to say than actually do. The prevailing advice that’s out there is that there’s only certain ways to get stuff done. To be successful, you must: Race the sun Crush it Find the schedule that best suits you Exercise first thing in […]

business practices

5 Business Practices You’re Probably Doing Wrong… and How to Fix Them

The last couple of years have been a heck of an experience for me. I’ve been learning a ton. Many times through mistakes and many times much later than I would have liked to. One thing that I’m glad I do regularly is reflect – specifically weekly, monthly, and yearly. And since we’re just about […]

teen entrepreneurs

Teenagers with Attitude: Learning About Today’s Teen Entrepreneurs with Easton Allred (AoL 089)

Teenager entrepreneurs are blowing up around the internet these days. It’s crazy.  It’s not uncommon to hear of 14 year olds making thousands, if not millions, of dollars in their businesses. For me growing up, this was never an option. Even when I was in Amway, you had to wait until you were 18 to officially […]