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AoL 010: Job Hunting Tactics for the Job Hunter in 2016

In today’s job market, a resume and a cover letter are just part of the tools that you need to successfully get a job. They simply don’t get the same job done that they did back before 2008. In my experience, the advice that is given in schools and colleges almost doesn’t cut it for […]

How to raise your standards (1)

How to Raise Your Standards

Great standards to strive for, right? Brendon always makes me think about things in a new light. You know, we’re all trying to strive to higher levels. One of my all time most visited posts is this one I shared about 21 Standards that we can live and work by. However, since then, I’ve talked with […]

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AoL009: Ideas to Improve all the Tomorrows of your Life with Jim Vaughan

Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, even Tony Robbins. These are names that we can picture when we think about being successful in climbing their respective career mountains. We all know these names because they share, on a regular basis, how they got to where they’re at and what they’re currently doing. One thing that they […]


Tips For Finding, Hiring, and Working with a Career Coach

It’s November and many people’s minds are on winter coming up. I know as I’m looking out the window, it’s already that wintery gray with occasional yellow leaf still hanging on a tree. While gazing out there, I find myself asking, “Didn’t we just have winter? What happened to summer?!?” For many people, the changing of […]

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AoL008: From Video Game Addict To Life Changer With Cam Adair

For many of us Millennials, tech comes natural. We’ve been around it our entire lives. Being on mobile phones. Checking in with friends on social media. Sharing pictures and links. Watching TV. Playing video games. It’s what we do. However, in a life that involves all that stuff, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up being […]

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Exercise Your Personal Freedom

Happy Election day! In the United States, we’re having elections today. It’s not a big one like next year’s will be, but it’s still something to take notice of. Personally, I’m close to an interesting mayor race in Indy. But for the most part, I haven’t seen too much more being advertised than that… not […]

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AoL 007: Personal Branding: Not Just for Business Owners with Ryan Rhoten

When was the last time you cared about what you looked like? If you’re like most people, probably this morning before you headed off to the office. The image that you give of yourself is highly important. It’s all about first impressions, right? So you know you should be aware of how you’re making a […]

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AoL 006: Helping Veterans Become Entrepreneurs with Joe Crane

Imagine you have been groomed to think and act a certain way for several years. Most of us have, it’s called formal education. Now imagine that you voluntarily signed up for this training to be part of something bigger than yourself? That you wanted to serve your country in the best way you know how? […]