the key to success

Make a Living From Your Passion: Pivoting – The Key to Success

Recently I heard an interview of Lewis Howes on the Glenn Beck Program. For one, it’s awesome that he was able to be on the show. It gives the online marketing world a bit of credibility when one of our own goes mainstream like that – even though Glenn really isn’t that mainstream. But secondly, […]

arne giske

Arne Giske: Working While Traveling – Exploring a Digital Nomad’s Lifestyle (AoL 084)

Living life on your own terms. To some, that means simply having a business that allows them to stay at home and be with their kids. To others, that business might allow them to interact with some of the biggest names in their industry. While yet others, like today’s guest, use their business as a […]

niche strategy

Make a Living From Your Passion: Which Niche Strategy Works Best For You?

After I posted last week about niche marketing and niche product development, I had some really interesting conversations with a few people. These discussions were with some relatively new entrepreneurs. There were several questions that came up – including one that I’m going to discuss here. The question is “Which niche strategy do I choose?” […]

business achievement

Sabah Ali: The Double Major Entrepreneur – How to Combine College Life and Business Achievement (AoL 083)

College can mean different experiences to different people. For me, I lived two lives. One, when I was an undergrad, where I was studying all the time and worrying about why I sucked so bad at taking tests and feeling like I had to plagiarize just to pass my classes. I never felt comfortable in my own […]

niche product

Make a Living From Your Passion: Niche Marketing & Niche Product Development

Last week we briefly discussed the idea of a sales funnel. They’re essentially used to make a person who has no idea who you are or what you’re about into someone that’s going to buy from you. You’ve probably heard of sales funnels in one way or another. So what I shared with you wasn’t […]

masculine men

Ryan Michler: The Order of Man – Teaching Guys How to Be Masculine Men (AoL 082)

In today’s world, many would say that a lot of men have lost their masculinity. That’s why guys like Neil Strauss, Jordan Harbinger, John Eldredge, and Brett McKay are as well known as they are. They specialize in helping men get better in their lives. However, they each do so in very different ways. Today’s guest, […]

first client

Make a Living From Your Passion: Finding Your First Clients & Introducing the Sales funnel

Last month we talked all about freebie items that you can use for yourself and your business. But even with free stuff, there’s not much point in calling what you’re doing a “business” if you’re not making regular income with it. Sure, you can call it a mission, a calling, a passion project, even a “nonprofit”. […]

andre kane

Andre Kane: Good Times, Radio, and Passion: The Making of the Electric Radio Show (AoL 081)

Passion comes in all kinds of shapes, ideas, and movements. Whether that takes the form of being a coach, a TED presenter, or an artist, there’s so many ways of expressing what you love to do. You simply have to figure out what that is. Sometimes figuring out what something is can be the hard […]

free phone apps

Freebies to Use for Your Business: Free Phone Apps For You and Your Biz

In the blog this month, we’ve been looking at freebies (or very inexpensive items) which will help you build your business. They are all things that I’ve used myself and will continue to use in the development of my content and in the content itself. Again, this all came about when I posted a piece […]

podcast discovery center

Scott Doucet: The Podcast Discovery Center – A Safe Haven for Podcasters to Master Their Craft (AoL 080)

As we heard in the AoL session with Chris Ripka, podcasting has been around for quite awhile – just not the form that we’re all used to. However, it seems that only recently it’s been catching on as a popular medium. I mean, for me, it’s still hard to believe that 36% of all people 18 years old […]