podcast discovery center

Scott Doucet: The Podcast Discovery Center – A Safe Haven for Podcasters to Master Their Craft (AoL 080)

As we heard in the AoL session with Chris Ripka, podcasting has been around for quite awhile – just not the form that we’re all used to. However, it seems that only recently it’s been catching on as a popular medium. I mean, for me, it’s still hard to believe that 36% of all people 18 years old […]

business knowledge

Freebies to Use For Your Business – Latest Online Business Knowledge

This month we’ve been looking at free resources to build your business with. The past two weeks, we’ve looked at ways that you can spruce up your content for free. First we discussed stock photos and where you can get free ones. Of course, stock photos can be used to add flair to your blog […]

how to stop negative thoughts

Barbara Ireland: How to Stop Negative Thoughts – What We Can Learn from a Near Death Experience (AoL 079)

Society teaches us to look for the negative in situations. Just about everything that is popular today has some sort of conflict. From TV shows, news, and movies – we’re always looking at what is wrong with the world around us. (Heck, I’m pretty sure that’s how Trump got the nomination and won the election – […]

Freebies to Use For Your Business: Non Copyright Music Sources

Last week we saw how relatively easy it is to get stock images for free. I mean, with the abundance of resources that are out there, why pay for one again? Unless you’re very specific in your search, I really can’t think of a good reason. In this week’s post, I’ll share with you the […]

habits of success

Clay Green: Make it Happen – 3 Habits To Help You Get What You Really Want (AoL 078)

Many of us have heard many times the actual steps to being successful. In fact, I’ve wrote about many of these topics in blog posts here at New Inceptions. They include: Reading and/or learning from others who have what you want regularly. You should plan regularly to get what you want. Reflect as much as possible […]

best free stock photo sites

Freebies to Use For Your Business: Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Last month, I wrote a piece on free cloud services that we can use to host our files. I mentioned that I used three different services because I use them for different tasks. That triggered a number of questions from various folks asking if I knew of other free services that new online creatives could […]

podcasting trends

CJ Ripka on the History, Future, and Trends of Podcasting – It’s Raw and Real!

Podcasts are one of the most used ways to get your message out there. Whether it’s for fun, you’re syndicating as a radio show, or you’re using it to deliver content for your business, podcasts are gaining popularity all the time. For me, I’ve been listening to them since 2010 and producing them since 2013. […]

true fans

Making It Start To Work by Identifying Your True Fans

In part of last week’s post, I mentioned that if we’re going to be involved in digital marketing, we need to be aware of who our Raving or True Fans are. The question was asked, how do you find who those people are? This is a great question. So good, in fact, that I’m going […]

virtual summit tech

Creating Big Events through Small Details: Why Virtual Summits are the New Webinars with Jaime Slutzky (AoL 076)

As a creative, one of the biggest ways to get your name out on the web these days are through is through webinars. You show up, give your presentation on your topic, and then, if everything goes right, you’ll soon see people signing up for your newsletter or, better yet, buying from you. However, in a world […]

digital marketing strategist

4 Important Beliefs a Digital Marketing Strategist Has About Their Craft

For those of us who are actively trying to figure out how to get our work out into the world, we know that the way to do that is through digital marketing. Digital marketing simply means building awareness of what you’re doing through internet. Nothing more. You’re not asking for a sale – you’re just […]