knowing when to quit

Knowing When to Quit: Sometimes you have to Slow Down to Speed Up

I’ve been struggling with a question that has been making me think recently. Last week during my 9/12 rememberance, one of the things that I realized was that “things change”. This has always been the case, obviously, with just about anything – but it’s especially true with online business and marketing. When I first ran […]

reading body language

Lisa Mitchell – Becoming Aware of Your Body Posture: Why Reading Body Language and Giving the Right First Impression are Vital to Success (AoL 105)

Whether you’re on a phone, in person, or standing on stage – communication is king. In general, when you think about the word communication, your first thought probably is a vision of someone talking. I know that’s the case for me. However, during the time when we’re talking or simply standing still, our body is actually […]

remembering 9 11

Remembering 9/11: Refocusing on the More Important Things

It’s September 12th again. The day after 9/11. How are you feeling? What’s on the top of your mind? Business plans? Getting out of your day job on time? Lots of things going on, I’m sure. Let’s slow down a little bit. Let me ask you a question. Did you have the chance to watch […]

local advertising

JR Rivas – Leveraging Creative Marketing in Local Advertising: What a 23 year Old Did to Create a 6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency (AoL 104)

Most entrepreneurs think, at some point, about the ability to strike it rich one day doing whatever is that they’re doing. In my Amway days, a good question I remember being asked was “Doing the job that you’re doing, could the income they’re making ever be obtainable?” Most of the time the question was answered […]

podcast logo

Designing Your Podcast Logo and Social Media Artwork: A DIY’ers Guide on Giving Your Show a Face

What did you do over the Labor Day weekend? The “last” weekend of summer? Did you manage to get out with friends or family for dinner? Maybe even enjoy a barbeque? How about your business? Did you do any work on it? Just because it’s a holiday weekend doesn’t mean you can’t work on it! […]

true self

Circling Back to the Beginning: How a Sweat Lodge Realization Opened a Door to True Self and New Opportunities with Eric Finnigan (AoL 103)

Who are you really? This is the question that so many of struggle with when we’re trying to start our first business. Many of us start businesses to make income to replace our day job, not necessarily worrying if the business we’ve created matches our personality or interests. When you have yourself figured out, however, […]

education reform

Education Reform: Why It’s Important for Creatives to Get Involved

With everything that’s been going on in the news cycle, I thought it’d be a great time to bring up the topic of education system reform. Seems this topic isn’t discussed nearly as much as it could be. I believe that our current education system is part of the problem in both the National Socialist […]

life choices

Isaac Lidsky – Seeing Shouldn’t Always Mean Believing: How to Make Better Life Choices by Changing Your Perspective (AoL 102)

In the last session with Jeremy Miller, something stuck with me. In fact, it stuck so well that I used it as the trailer for the chat. He talked about the fact that if you go through life thinking a certain way, particularly that everyone is out to get you, then you’re going to lose […]

getting older

5 Realizations About Getting Older (Which Might Seem Bad at First!)

As I’m sitting here watching the Great American Eclipse of 2017, it hit me. This isn’t the first one I remember seeing. In fact, there’s been a few others. But you wouldn’t know that based on all the commotion about this one. I remember in junior high there was one as well. Funny enough, I […]

best business ideas

Just Getting Started: Why Execution is More Important Than Having the Best Business Ideas with Jeremy Miller (AoL 101)

What could possibly come after the big 100th episode of AoL? How about an episode where the guest does pretty much everything we talk about in that session item by item. In this session, Albert and I are joined by Jeremy Miller. Jeremy is a well known entrepreneur around Indianapolis due to his speaking engagements […]