UK Entrepreneur

Brexit: What it means for the UK Entrepreneur and Personal Freedom

As we’re coming up on another fourth of July, I’m happy for what I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year. I’ve successfully helped a book launch (which I’ll get into more next week). I’ve helped build a few sites. I’ve also started a podcast that I continue to refine. AND I’ve met and […]

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AoL 041: Authenticity Rules – How a Performing Artist Can Become a Digital Marketing Maven with Mari Sauer

No matter your age, background, sex, or culture, in the United States you’re free to pursue anything you want to in your career. Many people don’t realize this. They believe that what they’ve always done or what they’ve always been determines their future. One of the best mainstream movies that come to mind that I recently […]

mlm network marketing

The Truth About Network Marketing: Should Your First Business be with a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

As many of you might know, I officially started my journey into entrepreneurship through Amway and LTD. It was where I had the opportunity to learn the true entrepreneurial mindset, learn more about what freedom really is, and even more about what this country is all about. I also got to meet great go-getters that […]

Dating for Alpha Women

AoL 040: Understanding Alpha Women and Maintaining High Creative Performance with Moe DeCarlo

Everyone has heard of the phrase Alpha Male. If you remember, they’re the type of guy who is normally thought of as a natural athlete and/or have everything going right in life, or just have many women around them at a given time. They’re a natural leader. Have you ever heard of the phrase Alpha Female? There’s a good chance […]

The Importance of Why- Learning How to Get Going when the Going Gets Tough

The Importance of Why: Learning How to Get Going when the Going Gets Tough

People wonder where I get inspired for my writing. Sometimes I get inspiration from the people I’m working with. Other times, it’s just to fill a knowledge gap in my content. Yet, other times, it’s when I’m constantly berated by a subject and I need to make an account of all that is coming my […]

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AoL 039: Overcoming Obstacles in Life, Building a Church, and Pursuing Passion in Life and Business with Brawn Lide

The road to success is often not very clear. That’s one of the reasons I’m in favor of having a roadmap for your business. For many, however, even having a roadmap isn’t enough. Sometimes, an entrepreneur’s situation is so unique, that they simply have no idea where to begin. Or other times, the journey might be going smoothly, it’s […]

DIY Business Site

Getting Started on the Web (Part 2): Basics of Setting Up WordPress for your DIY Business Site

In the last post, we looked at some of the options that are out there in building your own business site. Just as a recap, there are those that are fairly simple to use but still require you to know how to actually use the editors in them when you’re in. Wix, Squarespace, and Kajabi […]

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AoL 038: Yoga, How to Measure Creativity, and Being a Better Human with David Rachford

Being in business for yourself has many different labels. Solopreneur, Expert, Entrepreneur… the list goes on. Many times we’ve found out that these particular names might not necessarily mean anything other than you have a passion for what you do and you happen to make income doing it. Most of us go the long way […]

Getting Started on the Web

Getting Started on the Web: Choosing the Right Website Building Platform for Your New Business

When starting an online brand or business you might be wondering one simple question that has a complex answer, “Where do I get started?” There’s several parts to the answer of this question, but one of them is to start building your presence online in the shape of a website. Back in the early days […]

Erik Deckers interview

AoL 037: Writing at the Jack Kerouac House, Branding Yourself, and Early Social Media Marketing with Erik Deckers

When people get to a certain level of success, it’s really hard to leave it behind. It takes so much time and resources to get to a certain level. That’s one reason why many professional athletes find it really hard to leave the game they’ve known since they were a kid. They’re not sure about what’s […]