start a low budget business

How to Start a Business with a low budget, little technology access, hardly any time, and no college education

Many times I’m asked, what kind of business can I start if I don’t have the money, skills, or the technology? The quick answer: Any kind you want. Many of the folks that I interact with in my daily life on and offline would love to have their own thing and make an income with […]

Melinda Enfinger

AoL 045: Helping Veterans find Real Estate, Mentoring, and Business Success with Melinda Enfinger

Taking a passion and making money from it takes the form of many types of careers. For me, you guys know I love helping people do actually that. That’s why my focus in grad school was entrepreneurship. I love discussing and thinking about it… turning around and helping someone else out through the process. This session’s […]

10 Movies that will Give You Peace of Mind and Help You Share What You're Doing With Others

10 Entrepreneur Movies that will Give you Peace of Mind and Help you Share what You’re Doing with Others

Many of us solopreneurs start our entrepreneurial careers in some sort of MLM. Whether or not we succeed in that MLM, isn’t so much the point. More often than not, a lot of us come away with some pretty good experiences from being it in. In fact, last night I was watching a movie with Maria […]

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AoL 044: Getting Through Difficult Times and Busting the Myth of Overnight Success with Ashley Zahabian

When it comes to success, many times we think that people are lucky and that success just happens. Even this past week with the launch of Pokemon Go, we’ve seen something take very little time to become really well known – even by those of us who have put very little time into it if none […]

improve networking skills

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills and Build Successful Relationships

The process of networking itself is simple. Just show up to events and initiate conversation. True, even that part can be hard for people. However, that isn’t really the hardest part!  The hardest part is the follow through. When I was first introduced to the networking scene after I got out of grad school, I was a […]

dustin stout

AoL 043: How to Place Your Knowledge on Auto-Pilot and Get Paid Repeatedly For It with Dustin W. Stout

People start businesses for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes that reason is that they see a need in the world that they can respond to. Others, like me, start a business because we see it in the future as a means to create a lifestyle that we want. The same can be said about this session’s […]

Don't Be a Sell Out - What the Modern Entertainment Industry can Teach Us About Creativity

Don’t Be a Sell Out: What the Modern Entertainment Industry Can Teach Us About Creativity

Growing up, I remember watching the Star Wars movies. I remember how I saw the first one and really didn’t think much of it at the time. As a 7 year old, I saw it as another action flick – boring when people talked, but cool when they shot at each other! Like most kids […]

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AoL 042: A Journey in Internet Marketing on MySpace through Facebook LIVE with Alessandra Colaci

Are you embracing technology the way you should? Like really? No one likes change. Heck, I KNOW I don’t. But sometimes we got to do it. Today’s guest, Alessandra Colaci, is someone that has not only embraced changed, but she’s gone out of her way to show other people how it can be useful for […]

UK Entrepreneur

Brexit: What it means for the UK Entrepreneur and Personal Freedom

As we’re coming up on another fourth of July, I’m happy for what I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year. I’ve successfully helped a book launch (which I’ll get into more next week). I’ve helped build a few sites. I’ve also started a podcast that I continue to refine. AND I’ve met and […]

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AoL 041: Authenticity Rules – How a Performing Artist Can Become a Digital Marketing Maven with Mari Sauer

No matter your age, background, sex, or culture, in the United States you’re free to pursue anything you want to in your career. Many people don’t realize this. They believe that what they’ve always done or what they’ve always been determines their future. One of the best mainstream movies that come to mind that I recently […]