peaks and valleys

AoL 058: Navigating the Peaks and Valleys of Success in Business and Life with Danielle Watson

Overwhelmed. Lethargic. Swamped. Lost. This is what we can feel like in the valleys of our work and our lives. You… – think you’re the only one who cares. – feel that you’re the only who gets stuff done on your team (if you’re lucky enough to have one). – get lost in the fog of […]

start a podcast

How to Inexpensively Start a Podcast: Equipment and Software

When people think about starting a podcast, they believe that they need something that’s super duper professional and expensive. That’s truly not the case. Back in 2012, Pat Flynn was one of the first to share his setup for his award winning podcast. That post was just over 4 years ago. In this first of […]

online content marketing

AoL 057: Business Pivoting, Focus, and Online Content Marketing Done Right with Felipe Frietag

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. Of course you don’t want to put all the time and effort into building a business only to realize there was a mistake built into the idea that will forever stunt it’s growth. But how do you know if something that comes along is better than what […]

share your ideas

6 Steps to Share Your Ideas Around Friends and Family

Have you made the decision to be better person? Or maybe you’ve decided that you want to start a new business? You might have already taken some action in doing one of these (or both!) and you’ve been putting off telling those around you. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but even I […]

dane maxwell unplugged

AoL 056: Dane Maxwell Unplugged – The Journey From Entrepreneur to Musician

One huge risk in modern small business is to spend months or years working on a project only to release it… and find nobody wants it. That’s one of the issues that The Foundation tackles head on. When I first heard it’s founder (and today’s guest) Dane Maxwell discuss the matter with Pat Flynn on […]

personal freedom

Are you a Brick or a Stone? Personal Freedom is A Decision

This week I’m going to be releasing a very special interview of myself and Daniel’s. The guest is Dane Maxwell, formerly known as the guy who has helped numerous people build their own SaaS (Software as a Service) based businesses through a program called “The Foundation”. If you’re not familiar with Dane, check him out […]

social innovation

AoL 055: Sustainable Fashion, Social Innovation, and Building a Portfolio Career with Summer Edwards

Real talk: are you working your butt off trying to figure out what your niche is? So many business advisors on the web today are about finding one avatar that you can serve. For me, that never really worked. Nor has it worked for today’s guest – Summer Edwards. Summer is another member of Fizzle […]


Use These Tips to Make Your Next Logo Design

When I relaunched New Inceptions in 2015, one of the things that I knew I had to do was make a new logo. Not only was the one I had outdated, but I didn’t really know where the original Photoshop file went. Between the first iteration of the logo and the current version, I’ve learned […]


AoL 054: ConvertKit Transition, Empowerment of Others, and Meaningful Conversations with Barrett Brooks

We’ve all felt that feeling where, at the end of the day, you wish you felt better about the work that you’re doing. Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Maybe you want to pursue something else with your time? Make more impact on people. How do you do that? There’s so much […]


How to Make a Personal Development Plan for Your Business Which You’ll Be Sure to Stick To!

In the last post, I talked about Just In Time Learning. This is something that I’ve been learning quite a bit about recently. Before I was focusing on building New Inceptions, I would always just listen to whatever the influencers had to say. Many times just because it was actionable information. But, I never took […]