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AoL 021: Behind the Scenes in Making a Now Trending Show with Josh Featherstone

Being a creative can be an interesting ride. For many of us to consider doing anything outside of our normal work life, there has to be some sort of reward or reason to do it. For many of us, that reward is extra income. For others, just making things is, itself, rewarding enough. Many times, that […]

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How to Use Niche Products and Marketing In Developing Your Brand and Business

As creators who are wanting to start a business from our passions and interests, we are told from many marketing experts that choosing a niche audience is how you start a profitable business. They say you have to niche so deep that when you find an avatar – a representation of your perfect audience member – which will consider anything you […]

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AoL 020: Exploring the Traveler’s Mindset – Experiencing Big Adventure Through Transformative Travel with Ginger Kern

Travel is something that is brought up constantly in the creator / expert / lifestyle business industry. Many of us travel as much as we can. Others simply make traveling part of our regular lifestyle. Two of our most popular past sessions featured two regular travelers, Cam Adair in session 8, and Marianne Jennings in session […]

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AoL 019: Marrying an Entrepreneur and the Fundamentals of Building a Business with Francielle and Brian Daly

When you’re introduced to somethings, you either can go slow or fast. Examples of learning something slow might include many sports and school activities such as multiplication, reading, and writing. You get the idea. Other times you have to go fast – like learning how to ride a bike. When it comes to entrepreneurship, and teaching […]

Four Systematized Business Building Resources Which Will Help You Find Clarity in Your Work

Four Systematized Business Building Resources Which Will Help You Find Clarity in Your Work

The world tends to mistake desire for clarity.  When people talk in a no-nonsense way, it’s often mistaken for aggression. Getting aggressively engaged with your future will bring you clarity. In a world of much chaos and huge differences in “factual” information, it’s pretty easy to get confused in what we want out of life. We […]

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AoL 018: How to Use LinkedIn to Build a Community and Make Thousands in Revenue with Mirna Bacun

If you’re a creator who wants to build awareness, there’s not many better ways than to build an online community on one of the social media platforms. Most creators opt for Facebook because it has the largest footprint. However, does that mean it’s the best? Does it mean it’s the most efficient? I know for […]

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Distractions: Their Unseen Costs and 4 Ways We Can Overcome Them (For Real This Time!)

You Can’t Do Big Things if You Let the Small Things Distract You Distractions. Our lives are filled with them. From emails, to texts, to messages on various social media platforms, and even the TV and all that goes with it. Distractions are everywhere. What’s worse, is that many times we feel that we let […]

AoL 017: Helping Organizations Find Their True North through Projects with Frank Forte

As movements and organizations grow, they sometimes lose the soul of what the organization was originally based on. Or, perhaps they’ve grown with the original intent for so long that they are too chaotic for their own good. Take academia for example. When I was a graduate instructor, the head of my department didn’t get along […]

Let go of 2015 and clear for 2016 (1)

Successes of 2015 and How We’re Going to Crush Next Year

Learn what you can from 2015. Embrace the good ideas. Let go of the bad ones. Clean your mental hard drive for some new code to enter. As a creator, we have minds that want to naturally do anything they come up with. Many times we stick with those ideas until we can see them through. […]