sandra bellamy

AoL 050: How to Embrace Your Quirky to Be Your Own Authentic Self with Sandra Bellamy

Society in general teaches us to not only care what other people think, but that we have to conform to those thoughts. For many people, that’s not a problem. But for us creatives it can be really hard. And often times we find ourselves asking two questions: Am I living the life that I’ve seen for myself? And “Who […]

escaping the rat race

Escaping the Rat Race by Achieving Financial Security

Our General Education on Money Growing up, many of us were never taught about money and really where it comes from or really how to generate more of it. The only thing we were taught about it was that if we had enough we could buy something with it. Later, when we got older, we’d […]

brilliance and business

AoL 049: From Homeless in High School to Expert Enabler and Community Builder with Mellissa Rempfer

There’s so many things we have to do as an entrepreneur. Either we do it ourselves or we pay someone else to do it. If you’re just starting out on your path, you might not have the resources to pay for all the help you need. How do you get things done if you need help […]

take control of your life

7 Ways to Stop Being a Victim and Take Control of Your Life

A video from this past winter of Gary Vee’s got me thinking. The world is full of victims. And really, much of the direction of the country as a whole is going because of how many people in their lives that they are a victim – more to the point – a victim of their […]

building a long term business

AoL 048: Building a Long Term Business through Relationships, Metrics, and Family with Brandon Northwick

It’s no secret that the way we run our business is based on how we approach the world. Is our business about us helping others with what we think they need help with, without hesitation, or do we see it more as a way of helping others in any way they actually need help? Meaning, we find those problems that […]

Email Marketing Still Works

Why I Started Using Email Marketing in 2016 (and Why It Still Works)

Today, more than ever, we’re pressed for time and energy. Each day we start with so many minutes and energy to pay attention to all of the things that we need to deal with. Many things in our lives distract us from what we want to actually get done. Email checking is one of the […]

skill hack

AoL 047: How to Skill Hack and Stay Engaged In Your Creative Work with Stephen Robinson

On the show today, 2 friends and a host share what it’s really like learning for a living. That’s right, I said LEARN for a living. What does mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! Ginger joins me again in this one and we talk with one of her friends that she’s met in her travels – Stephen […]

personal freedom

5 Obstacles in Achieving True Personal Freedom

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, those of us who are leading (or trying to lead) passion filled lives and businesses are doing so because we feel that we can be ourselves better than what a boss can prescribe for us. We’re trying to gain our Personal Independence, or as most call […]


AoL 046: Why Finding Your Clarity and Focus is Vital to Achieving High Performance with Clay Green

“Why is it that some people seem to get more done in a short period of time, where I’m effectively just treading water?” Here’s the deal — you’re a small business person. You’re the little guy. You only have so much time to do all of the things that need to get done in a […]

start a low budget business

How to Start a Business with a low budget, little technology access, hardly any time, and no college education

Many times I’m asked, what kind of business can I start if I don’t have the money, skills, or the technology? The quick answer: Any kind you want. Many of the folks that I interact with in my daily life on and offline would love to have their own thing and make an income with […]