ascension mentorship

Albert Winks on Building Ascension Mentorship – A New Kind of Networking (AoL 071)

Networking meetings, meetups, Facebook groups. These are just a few places where entrepreneurs go to meet others in their quest to build their businesses. But what does being a part of these groups do for the member? What is it about that particular group that sets it different then all the other ones out there? That differentiation will […]

share your business

How to Share Your Business in a Meaningful Way

January is a month of implementation. Whether you’re beginning to work on something as common as committing to be in better physical condition or simply learning something new on a regular basis – many people commit to self-betterment in this month Why should starting your own business be any different? In the last two posts, […]

jess catorc interview

Go With It! Jess Catorc on Finding your Path to Success, Personal Branding, and DIY Website Design (AoL 070)

Hey, let’s face it. There are so many big names out there, how can you possibly compete with them? By acting like them and doing exactly what they do? Actually… no. By doing what you do best and being yourself. Today’s guest, Jess Catorc gives us a rundown of what that means in this week’s […]

successful site

Getting Started on the Web (Part 3): 6 Characteristics of a Successful Site

Back in early summer, I wrote a couple of introductory pieces discussing the process of getting a website up. In part 1, we looked at some of the different types of ways that you could easily get something up. We also discussed that it’s going to take some time to get your website up and […]

find your niche

Emily Kelly on Finding Your Niche, Working Remotely, and Mastering Empathetic Writing (AoL 069)

Many of us have problems with being an entrepreneur in one way or another. That’s why we hire out for help. Over at Fizzle, for example, Chase and Corbett hired in Steph Crowder to help with customer support back in 2015. Steph, having worked at a few startups by that point, knew how to interact […]

Entrepreneur vs Employee

The Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset: How We Must Think Different

With the beginning of a New Year, comes new beginnings. One of my new beginnings that I’ll be starting is to write blog posts per month based on a particular theme. Not only will this help me curate material, but it will be a bit more organized for you guys. I thought we’d start this […]

John Powell

John Powell: Leave All Excuses at the Door: How to Embrace the Truth About Who We Are (AoL 068)

This is the time of year when people are either making New Year’s resolutions or planning out their next year – especially if they’re a creative. However, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re not entirely comfortable with where you are in life so making plans might be the last on your mind. […]

achieve what matters

Getting Prepped for 2017: Achieve what Matters in the New Year

It’s the last week of December. Are you ready for 2017? For many, this is a week of reflection. New Years gives people a chance and a reason to start a new cycle – a new beginning. Due to this, it’s a tradition to have New Year’s resolutions or goals that they want to achieve […]

rebranding a business

Sharlotte Bouniol: Rebranding, Hustling to Provide Value, and Growing Like a Boss (AoL 067)

When crap hits the proverbial fan, what are you going to do? Do you buckle down and get through whatever has come your way? Or, does something else distract you from what you were already doing? What if you were starting a successful little business and then all of a sudden you got a cease […]

2016 year in review

2016 Year in Review: What was Hot and What was Not

As we’re quickly approaching Christmas this weekend and then onto the beginning of a New Year, I thought I’d go ahead and recap the story of where New Inceptions is now including some of our more popular posts and podcast episodes. If you’re the type that celebrates the holidays, Happy Holidays to you and yours! […]